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Canadian TV Ratings and Recaps – November 2-8/15 –

If I can put off watching “The Flash” to do this blog, the least you can do is….oh, I don’t know…nothing?  There certainly isn’t anything below doing nothing on the scale that I know of.  So if you do nothing, thank you!  If you do something, listen to me next time!  Geez!  Anyway, it’s about that time to check out Numeris’ Week 10 Canadian TV ratings!  You know the drill by now….click here for the English Top 30 and here for the French Top 30!

#1 – “The Big Bang Theory” Season 9 – Episode #7 (“The Spock Resonance”) – CTV/CBS – 4.122 million viewers

The sound you may have heard were champagne corks being released from their bottly nests, as CTV no doubt celebrated the return of the viewing masses to “The Big Bang Theory”!  Nearly 1.5 million viewers added to last week’s numbers, meaning Canadians finally discovered CTV’s hiding spot for this show (having been on Mondays for a spell, interrupted by a national vote, cat videos competing for attention).  Or maybe Leonard Nimoy’s brother is a really big draw….?

“TBBT” was #5 overall in the States, and #6 in the 18-49 demo.

#2 – “NCIS” Season 13 – Episode #7 (“16 Years”) – Global/CBS – 2.801 million viewers

“NCIS” also received a rise in viewership from last week.  Only 177,000 more, but hey, you take what you can get.

“NCIS” was #2 as well in the States’ overall rankings, but the kids don’t quite get it, as it landed tied for 11th with “Grey’s Anatomy” in the 18-49 demo.


#3 – “Survivor: Cambodia” Season 31 – Episode #7 (“Play to Win”) – Global/CBS – 2.431 million viewers

Hey look!  A Tribal switch!  No, wait….a merge?!  With 13 survivors left?  Wowzers.  And we had the return of Chaos Kass….oh.  Never mind.  She got voted out at Tribal Council.  Down to a dozen for next week’s episode. And Jeff Probst had a 137,000 viewer gain from last week.

“Survivor” has a bigger battle in the States, sitting at #18 overall, and tied for #16 with Tuesday’s edition of “The Voice”.


#4 – “NCIS: New Orleans” Season 2 – Episode #7 (“Broken Hearted”) – Global/CBS – 2.354 million viewers

Lucas Black as Christopher LaSalle, Annie Potts as Olivia Brody, Zoe McLellan as Meredith Brody, and Scott Bakula as Dwayne Pride

Procedurals are the one genre I’ve never started.

Guaranteed this show won’t leave me ‘broken hearted’.

Ok, I have to work on my poetry.  “NCIS: NO” (just say NO! lol) garnered a solid 100,000 more viewers than last week.

Still big in the U.S. as it sits at #6 overall, but slipping to #18 in the 18-49 demo, tied with “Life in Pieces”, “Scorpion”, “How to Get Away With Murder”, and “Dancing With the Stars”.


#5 – “Quantico” Season 1 – Episode #7 (“Go”) – CTV/ABC – 2.159 million viewers

Last week, the Top 5 was all CBS shows.  This week, ABC breaks through with a resurging “Quantico”.  A gain of 77,000 more viewers was enough to squeak the sexy spy drama past “Criminal Minds”.

“Quantico”, up against “Sunday Night Football”, did not crack the Top 25 overall or that demo I keep mentioning.  Which I still am part of.  For now.


Here’s the Top 5 in the States, using the “Overall” numbers and including the cable figures:

  1. Sunday Night Football – NBC – 23,047,000 viewers
  2. NCIS – CBS – 17,975,000 viewers
  3. Sunday Night NFL Pre-kick – NBC – 16,892,000 viewers
  4. 60 Minutes – CBS – 15,764,000 viewers
  5. The Big Bang Theory – CBS – 14,811,000 viewers

That wraps up another ratings week!  Be sure to do nothing and come back next week for more of the same!



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